DC’s “Swamp Thing” now has an official premiere date, and Stargirl has a fresh new look. DC confirmed Swamp Thing’s launch date at WonderCon today, setting May 31st as the day the Swamp Thing rises from his murky slumber. DC also gave fans a first-look at Stargirl’s suit and offered more information on digital comics and series that are launching on the platform.

Starting with “Swamp Thing,” the series stars Crystal Reed, Derek Mears, Ian Ziering, and Andy Bean. The show is an original live-action series, available exclusively on the DC Universe streaming service. Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman wrote the series, which will follow Abby Arcane (Reed) as she searches for information about a deadly swamp-born virus. The story takes place in Louisiana, and Arcane quickly finds more than she was looking for after she encounters the Swamp Thing. James Wan produced the adaptation for DC Universe, and we are very much looking forward to seeing some trailers.

The picture above shows actor Brec Bassinger in her iconic Stargirl outfit. Bassinger is playing the role of Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl in the original live-action series. DC didn’t announce an exact premiere date for the new series but did confirm that it’s scheduled to launch in early 2020. DC also noted that the Stargirl outfit was designed by Laura Jean Shannon, the same designer behind DC Universe’s “Titans,” “Doom Patrol,” and the CW series “Black Lightning.”

If you’re a traditional comic reader, DC announced that thousands of additional comics are being added to the DC Universe subscription at no extra charge. The company stated that DC Universe subscribers “will be able to enjoy access to DC’s enormous digital comics library, starting in April of 2019.” New comics will appear one-year after they were published, and the inclusion of older comics gives readers over 20,000 issues to read according to DC.

That’s not all the DC Universe news. The first season of SYFY’s “Krypton” will be available on DC Universe on April 5th. That gives you just enough time to binge through season one before season 2 debuts on Syfy this summer.

The animated film “Justice League vs. The Fatal Five” is coming to the DC Universe service on April 16th. That’s the same day the film is scheduled to release on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD. You can find the retail version of “Justice League vs. The Fatal Five” right here on Amazon. Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, and George Newbern reprise their roles as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman in the film.

Not to be left out, “Young Justice: Outsiders” the animated series will premiere on July 2, 2019. DC also announced that Season 2 of DC Universe’s “Titans” will launch in the fall of 2019, along with the new original “Harley Quinn” animated series shortly after.

WonderCon will be the source of multiple DC announcements this weekend, the annual event is going on until March 31st.

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