FOX has announced finale dates for the network’s big winter shows this week and announced premiere dates for the upcoming spring series. On the finales side, viewers will want to catch hits like “Gotham,” “The Orville,” “Empire,” “Star,” and the animated lineup as they close their current seasons, but new shows like “Paradise Hotel” and “Spin the Wheel” are just around the corner to take their place.

“Gotham” is calling it quits with the big finale on April 25th, and that’s the same night that “The Orville” will be wrapping up its current season. “The Resident” will host its season finale on May 6th, followed by “Empire” and “Star” on May 8th.

“Last Man Standing,” “The Cool Kids,” and “Proven Innocent” will host finales on May 10th, followed by “The Simpsons,” “Bob’s Burgers,” and “Family Guy” on May 12th. “9-1-1” will have a special finale on May 13th, followed by “Mental Samurai” on May 21st. The competition “Masterchef Junior” will host a special two-hour episode on June 4th.

Switching over to the new shows, “Paradise Hotel” will begin with a two-hour series premiere on May 9th. Kristin Cavallari will host the dating competition which will air several times a week in different formats on FOX. “Beat Shazam” will return for season three on May 20th, once again hosted by Jamie Foxx with his daughter Corinne Foxx returning as DJ. Celebrating its 10th season, “Masterchef” will return on May 29th, once again with chef Gordon Ramsay.

Hosted by Cat Deeley, “So You Think You Can Dance” returns with an all-new season on June 10th. The new game show “Spin the Wheel” will debut on June 20th, and The 2018 Miss USA competition will air on May 2nd.

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