Netflix released a first-look trailer for the platform’s upcoming series “No Good Nick,” which features Melissa Joan Hart, Sean Astin, Siena Agudong (Star Falls, Alex & Me), Lauren Lindsey Donzis (Liv & Maddie), and Kalama Epstein (The Fosters).

The multicam dramedy series follows 13-year-old Nick, short for Nicole, who infiltrates a family with the intention to get revenge on them for unknowingly ruining her life. As she gets to know the family, she will find compassion for them and will struggle with whether or not she can ultimately go through with the plan.

Netflix announced the series back in March and released the first trailer earlier today. David H. Steinberg and Keetgi Kogan executive produced and created the series, which was directed by Andy Fickman (She’s The Man, The Game Plan). The original series is produced by Netflix.

Before jumping into “No Good Nick,” and long after his role of Sam in “Lord of the Rings,” Astin played Bob Newby on “Stranger Things.” Astin also voiced Raphael in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” animated series, as well as Shazam and Billy Batson in the “Justice League Action” series. Outside of his role as Dr. Pemberton in “The Big Bang Theory,” Astin has been frequently lending his voice to TV projects. The actor also voiced Chester, Nutty Pete, and the Caged Bird in the “Bunnicula” TV series, and was the narrator in “The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants” animated series.

Melissa Joan Hart starred in “A Very Nutty Christmas” as Kate Holiday after starring in “A Very Merry Toy Store” as Connie Forrester. She also took the role of Emily Morgan in “Broadcasting Christmas.”

If you’re interested in “No Good Nick” you won’t have to wait long to binge-through the first season, “No Good Nick” is scheduled to debut on April 15th.

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