Reality star Kristin Cavallari will host “Paradise Hotel” for FOX. The new series is an unscripted dating competition where singles try to remain in paradise for as long as possible by pairing up and winning over the audience at home.

The show first aired on the network back in 2003 and produced in more than 18 countries. During the season, each lucky single is given the opportunity of a lifetime – to check into an exclusive tropical resort with a chance to check out with big money. Set in paradise, the strangers will be surrounded by sun, fun, flirtation and romance. Each week, one single will leave the hotel to make room for a brand-new guest. In a new twist, viewers can play along at home, using social media to try and influence what happens on screen, including helping to decide who stays and who goes.

In the reinvention of the hit series, viewers will play along at home using social media to try and influence the players. The series will debut with a special two-hour premiere on May 9th on FOX. The show is scheduled to air three nights a week in an “as it happens” format during its five-week run.

Following the Thursday night premiere, the series will air on Mondays starting on May 13th, Wednesdays starting on May 15th, and with LIVE elements on Thursdays.

“Kristin grew up on the frontlines of reality television and is the perfect host to introduce Paradise Hotel to a new generation of viewers,” said Rob Wade, President, Alternative Entertainment and Specials, FOX Entertainment. “The show is a fun balance of romantic love, cutthroat competition and humor, and Kristin’s unique experience, especially with live television, makes her the best person to navigate the wild, unpredictable moments.”

“I’m so excited to be hosting Paradise Hotel this summer!” said Cavallari. “This show literally has everything – dating, love triangles, alliances, competition – and I can’t wait to stir the pot and have a front-row seat to all the drama!”

The modernized version of the international hit is executive-produced by SallyAnn Salsano, Becca Walker, James Sunderland, Paul Osborne, and Celia Taylor.

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