Netflix’s “Unicorn Store” now has a premiere date and a first-look trailer. The film stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack, and Bradley Whitford, and is scheduled to hit Netflix on April 5th. It’s always nice to see Larson and Jackson teaming up; the duo recently starred in “Captain Marvel” together.

Written by Samantha McIntyre, the story follows Kit (Brie Larson), a lonely twenty-something dreamer who’s reluctant to leave the comforts of childhood and fully embrace adulthood. Once art school sends her packing, Kit is forced to move back home with her parents and take a temp job in a boring office. The story picks up when Kit tries to grow up, and a mysterious salesman (Samuel L. Jackson) enters Kit’s life and offers to give her childlike heart its greatest desire.

The movie serves as Larson’s directorial debut, and Netflix calls the film “a love letter to everyone’s inner child and a reminder that no dream is impossible.”

Fans of Larson can watch the first-look trailer below.

If you want to set a reminder, “Unicorn Store” will launch globally on Netflix April 5th.

Lynette Howell Taylor, David Bernad, Ruben Fleischer, Brie Larson, Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis and Terry Dougas served as producers, with Jean-Luc De Fanti, Nathan Kelly, Samantha McIntyre and Anne Woodward serving as executive producers.

Larson’s “Captain Marvel” is still crushing the domestic box office. The movie has already made over $820.8M for the studio worldwide. The Marvel installment had an incredible $153M opening domestically, and made another $67.9M this past weekend. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck directed the film for Marvel, which stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Mckenna Grace, Clark Gregg, Jude Law, and Annette Bening. “Captain Marvel” will be battling the thriller “US” at the box office this weekend, which is expected to debut at number-one.

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