Netflix is gearing up to release “Our Planet” for subscribers on April 5th, and the video streaming service released a new trailer to get fans excited for the big release. The company dropped an all-new extended trailer for the original documentary series on social media today, showing off the brilliant visuals and adorable animals featured in the documentary.

“Our Planet” is set to launch globally on April 5th and comes from the creator of “Planet Earth.” Netflix explained that the eight-part series features “never-before-seen footage of wildlife and their habitats — while also revealing why the natural world matters to us all and what steps must be taken to preserve it.”

The series is accompanied by special behind-the-scenes content which will launch simultaneously on Netflix.

In addition to Sir David Attenborough, the series will feature local narrators in ten languages including Spanish-language narrators Penélope Cruz for Spain and Salma Hayek for Latin America.

“Being a part of Netflix’s Our Planet is an incredible honor. The series is spectacularly beautiful and the message of conservation could not be more timely or important,” said Penélope Cruz. “I feel very close to everything Our Planet stands for and I’m proud to bring such a powerful piece of work to my home country and audiences around the world.”

“Our Planet transcends borders to deliver an inspiring message of wonder, respect and care for our natural world,” said Salma Hayek. “I’m honored to work with Netflix to help bring the series to those in my home country of Mexico, and to a Spanish-language audience throughout Latin America and the rest of the globe.”

The four-year project has been filmed in 50 countries across all the continents of the world, with over 600 crew members, and focuses on the remarkable diversity of habitats. These include remote Arctic wildernesses and deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and jungles of South America.

In the first episode, “One Planet,” viewers will travel from the Brazilian rainforest to Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, discovering how each fragile habitat is connected and why they are all essential for life to thrive on this planet. Subsequent episodes capture Earth’s key biomes, or habitats: the icy frozen worlds, jungles, coastal seas, deserts and grasslands, high seas, freshwater regions and forests.

Using the latest in 4K camera technology, each episode features several stunning sequences that have never been filmed before according to Netflix.

“All across our planet, crucial connections are being disrupted,” Attenborough notes. “What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth.”

Our Planet is produced by Silverback Films, Ltd in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Series producers are Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey.

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