A major “No Man’s Sky” update is launching across all platforms this summer. The free update will be one of the game’s largest expansions to date, and it looks like it will offer a lot of content and new ways to explore the galaxies.

The developers haven’t confirmed an exact launch date, other than Summer 2019, but the expansion is going by the name “No Man’s Sky: BEYOND.” The free update will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will introduce a brand-new “social and multiplayer experience” according to the company’s announcement.

Hello Games is the company behind the expansion, and the devs released a quick teaser to get fans excited for the new content. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

In the announcement the company stated, “BEYOND’s multiplayer experience will change the way players come together and offer new ways to explore the universe.” The company added, “However, it will not require a subscription, will not contain micro-transactions and will be completely free for all existing players.”

Multiplayer is only one part of the BEYOND update, and Hello Games will be revealing more over the coming weeks. Fans should stay tuned for the other features coming to No Man’s Sky: BEYOND in the upcoming months.

More information on the update will be unveiled as we get closer to launch, and until then, you have the trailer to watch. The previous updates to the game have brought on a new wave of players, and even convinced older players to give the game another chance after the title’s rocky launch.

We are excited to see the direction that Hello Games takes when implementing the new system and to see how social interaction changes the feel of exploration. Summer is just a few weeks away at this point, so it shouldn’t be too long before another announcement is made (maybe around E3).

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