Netflix is putting together a feature film adaptation of “Button Man.” The story will be based on the graphic novel by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson. If you’ve never heard of Button Man, you still might know one of Wagner’s more popular comic book characters, the justice-dealing supercop Judge Dredd.

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Academy Award winner Brian Helgeland will write the screenplay and direct the project for Netflix. Helgeland directed films like “Legend” and “A Knight’s Tale,” and wrote the screenplay to “L.A. Confidential,” “Mystic River,” the 2009 version of “The Taking of Pelham 123,” and Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

Netflix also released the logline which reads, “Button Man tells the story of ex-military contractor Harry Exton. The first true hero of the post-truth age, Harry’s a proxy in a clandestine competition among the super rich. Paid to fight to the death in modern-day gladiatorial contests, Harry sets out on a relentless journey to use these twisted elites’ own dark machine to bring their corrupt world crashing down.”

The film is part of Matt Reeves’ first look deal at Netflix, with his production company 6th & Idaho. Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan are serving as executive producers, alongside Roger Kass, John Schoenfelder, and Russell Ackerman. Will Janowitz is attached as a co-prodcuer.

Netflix stopped short of announcing a release date for the new film, but more information will be announced when the movie goes into production. At that time we will hear more about the casting, and we will start getting teasers from Netflix. The video streaming service also confirmed that Patrick Brice (The Overnight, Creep) will direct “There’s Someone Inside Your House.” That project will begin principal photography this fall according to Netflix.

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