HBO released a trailer for “Grisse” this week, the series is one of HBO Asia’s newest original period dramas and is set to premiere on the network later tonight. The show is the latest programming made available to U.S. subscribers from HBO’s international partners; previous releases in the partnership included “Folklore” and “Miss Sherlock.” The series sits in a unique genre, it’s comparable to a western but the location and time period of the show is rarely brought to the screen in our TV shows and films.

“Grisse” has eight hour-long episodes, and the English-language series is set in the Dutch East Indies during the mid-1800s colonial period. According to HBO, the Singapore-based production follows a group of unique characters of diverse backgrounds and creeds, “who unite to break the yoke of tyranny and write their own destiny when they lead a rebellion against a brutal governor and suddenly find themselves in control of the Dutch garrison town Grisse.”

“Grisse” features actors from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Australia and the United States. The cast includes Adinia Wirasti (HBO Asia’s “Halfworlds Season 1”), Marthino Lio (“Sayang You Can Dance”), Michael Wahr (“City Homicide”), Edward Akbar (“Air Terjun Pengantin”), Jamie Aditya (“Sync or Swim”), Toshiji Takeshima (HBO’s “True Blood”), Joanne Kam (“Kopitiam”), Zack Lee (“The Raid 2”), Tom Dejong (“Medisch Centrum West”), Ully Triani (“Stay With Me”), Rick Paul Van Mulligen (“A’dam E.V.A.”), Alexandra Gottardo (“Tanah Air”), Hossan Leong (“The Forbidden City”) and Jimmy T (“Robocop 3”).

Mike Wiluan (“Buffalo Boys”) is the creator and showrunner of the show, who directed alongside Tony Tilse (HBO Asia’s “Serangoon Road”; “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”) and Ler Jiyuan (“Gone Case,” “The Love Machine”).

If you are looking for something new and original to stream tonight, you can check out the trailer below.

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