The new “Dead or Alive 6” game is kicking and screaming onto PS4, Xbox One, and Steam today. Players can jump into the world of DOATEC’s underground fighting scene to compete against other fighters. The devs celebrated the release of the game with a new launch trailer, aimed to get players excited for the new title. You can watch the new video below.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work and effort Team NINJA put behind this game,” said Yohei Shimbori, Dead or Alive 6’s Director and Producer. “As a fighting game fan, I sincerely hope players from across the world love competing in the game as much as I do.”

“Dead or Alive 6” offers one-on-one battles inside a variety of exciting, interactive stages including everything from a giant attacking kraken to flying pterodactyls. Players can step up their skills through the newly designed Quest mode, built to challenge fighters while also teaching them the necessary survival skills to advance before they head deeper into the Training mode. There is also a Story mode and an Online mode to keep you entertained for hours.

Also, Team NINJA revealed even more details on DOA6’s Season Pass 1. The DLC will be available for purchase beginning today for $92.99 and will include two new fighters from SNK’s “The King of Fighters XIV,” including Mai Shiranui and a yet to be announced character.

There are also 62 new costumes, including DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol. 1 and 2, DOA6 New Costumes set Vol. 1 and 2, additional character costumes for the two SNK fighters, and bonus costumes for NiCO and Nyotengu.

The devs stated that Season Pass 1 content will be made available between March and June 2019.

Console players can find “Dead or Alive 6” right here on Amazon for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

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