While Netflix’s most popular series are often the YA dramas like “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and sci-fi thrillers like “Stranger Things,” the kids’ genre is also a major part of the video platform’s offerings. Netflix brought “Larva Island” to youngsters from Korea last year, and since the animated show did so well, it will be coming back for a new season.

Netflix announced this week that it is bringing two new Kids & Family Original Series from Korea in March, starting with the Larva friends. On March 1st, season 2 of the popular animated series “Larva Island” will debut globally. The zany adventures and slapstick humor of Red and Yellow continue with 13 new episodes. “Larva Island” is a spinoff of the globally beloved animated series ‘Larva’ – produced by Korean studio TUBAn – and was first launched on Netflix in 2018, and has been massively popular by audiences all over the world.

The second series is “YooHoo to the Rescue,” based on the popular Korean brand ‘YooHoo and Friends.’ That series is also launching globally on March 15th. If you are new to the brand, “YooHoo to the Rescue,” originally created by Korea’s Aurora World, follows five animal friends who live in the magical land of YooTopia. In the series the friends travel around the world using a wide variety of gadgets to help other animals in trouble. A total of 26 eleven minute episodes will feature characters based on endangered species.

“Larva Island Season 2” and “YooHoo to the Rescue” will only be available on Netflix.

It’s great to see kid-oriented content coming from outside the United States, and we hope that Netflix continues to comb through animation studios in other countries to diversify it’s original content. Netflix also greatly expanded its Anime content this year, adding several major series from Japan and other countries around the world.