Blizzard’s “Overwatch” is getting a new support character soon, and his name is Baptiste. The latest addition to the roster joins Lucio, Ashe, Moira, Mercy, and the previously new support character Brigitte as the game’s healers. Baptiste seems to be another character that can handle damage and heals, much like Ashe and Moira. These damage-healers are often popular options with players since few people like to only heal in the game.

The devs are calling Jean-Baptiste Augustin a “combat medic” and he comes from Haiti. According to this brief bio, he was an orphan while the Omnic crisis was going on, and ended up joining the Caribbean Coalition. When the war was over, Jean-Baptiste didn’t know where to turn, that’s when Talon picked him up. The mercs are the Overwatch bad guys in the story so far, and they trained Reaper and Doomfist. It appears that Jean-Baptiste’s time in Talon was cut short, and now Talon is hunting him down for betraying them.

Before anyone gets to play Jean-Baptiste, he will go into the Public Test Realm, which anyone can join. Blizzard hasn’t unveiled his full kit at this time, but he looks to be a sizable foe from what we’ve seen so far. His skills could change after he goes into testing, and he will be ready for the big show over the next few weeks or months.

Adding tanks and healers is probably the safest bet for Overwatch at this time since those are the roles least often picked by players. Players seem to like new characters to play with, so using a new character to bait people into the roles everyone needs is a win-win for the community. The downside to everyone going for DPS in the game is that the class gets fewer new characters.

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