Final Fantasy fans on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One can now pre-order the remaster of “Final Fantasy X / X-2,” and “Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age.” Both of these classic titles are scheduled to release for both consoles, including Xbox One X, in April.

You can order either game and have it ready for release day right here on Amazon.

The new release of “Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age” includes high-definition graphics, original and remastered soundtracks, and a new trial mode. You can also talk to Clan Centurio’s leader Montblanc in Rabanastre to reset and change party member’s jobs. This will allow players to customize the jobs of their party as desired. New Gambits will allow players to customize their party’s AI to fit their needs, and players can now create three unique sets, allowing players to switch between sets for different situations.

This edition also includes the improved “New Game+” mode. The new mode allows users to start the game with party members at level 90 and carry over some items like weapons, magic and gils obtained during previous playthroughs. If you are playing on Xbox One X, the game also supports 60fps gameplay.

“Final Fantasy XII” sold over 6M units worldwide and takes place in the world of Ivalice, where magic is commonplace and airships fill the sky. The small kingdom of Dalmasca is caught between warring empires Archadia and Rozarria, and the lone heir to the Dalmascan throne, Princess Ashe has devoted herself to form a resistance to liberate her homeland. The story begins when Ashe meets Vaan, a young thief who dreams of flying free in the skies, as their adventure changes the destiny of the world’s greatest nations.

“Final Fantasy X / X-2” also includes updated visuals and adds the ability to switch between the iconic original or re-arranged soundtracks. This game follows the story of superstar athlete Tidus, whose fate intertwines with the summoner Yuna as they embark on a pilgrimage to save the world of Spira. “Final Fantasy X-2” takes place two years later, following the stories of Yuna, Rikku and Paine in their exciting adventures to uncover ancient secrets and overcome powerful enemies. Having shipped over 14M units worldwide to date, the remaster is one of the most popular options out there.