Netflix went shopping this week, picking up the new adaptation of the hit sci-fi novella “The Wandering Earth.” The Mandarin sci-fi film is based on the book of the same by Liu Cixin, the first Asian novelist to win the Hugo Award for Science Fiction.

“The Wandering Earth” is directed and written by Frant Gwo, featuring Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, and Zhao Jinmai with a special appearance by Wu Jing. The movie premiered in China, North America, Australia and New Zealand regions during Lunar New Year, and earned an exceptional RMB 3.3 billion at the box office within 10 days.

The movie was an instant hit and sent sales of the book through the roof. Its post-production and special effects work spanned two years, undergoing more than 3,000 conceptual designs, and featuring over 10,000 specifically-built props, while employing an impressive 2,000 special effects shots and a substantial amount of computer graphics shots.

If you like to read the original work before seeing the movie, you can find it right here on Amazon.

“Netflix is committed to providing entertainment lovers with access to a wide variety of global content. With its high-quality production and story-telling, we believe that The Wandering Earth will be loved by Sci-Fi fans around the world.” said Jerry Zhang, Manager of Content Acquisition at Netflix.

Director Frant Gwo said, “Audiences from over 190 countries will soon meet The Wandering Earth on Netflix. I am glad that our movie can reach to people from different parts of the world. This is a Chinese movie created for the world, and it has been positively received since its premiere, we are very excited about it. To my surprise, this movie also resonate outside Mainland China. Netflix will translate it into 28 languages, enabling more viewers to enjoy it regardless of geographical and linguistic differences. I hope they will like it.”

“The Wandering Earth” tells the story of a distant future in which the sun is about to expand into a red giant and devour the Earth, prompting mankind to make an audacious attempt to save the planet. The multi-generational heroes build ten-thousand stellar engines in an effort to propel Planet Earth out the solar system, in the hope of finding a new celestial home. During the 2,500 year-long journey, a group of heroes emerge to defend human civilization from unexpected dangers and new enemies and to ensure the survival of humanity in this age of the wandering Earth.

Netflix stopped short of announcing a premiere date, but sci-fi fans should keep this on on their radar.