Amazon has started teasing the company’s upcoming “Lord of the Rings” series. The company gave fans a starter map to play with online and is raising hopes that more details may be coming soon.

Prime Video hasn’t unveiled any of the series’ secrets yet, and fans are left to speculate on which characters the new TV series will follow, and in which era the story will take place. While no secrets were shared at this time, Prime Video did release an interactive map of Middle Earth to get fans excited for the upcoming debut, and while it doesn’t share the same markings as the iconic map, those are probably on their way. The map’s release should get fans excited for the new show and it does promote the official social media sites for the series.

While we can only speculate at this time, the map could offer some clues of the timeline we are going to follow in the new show. The interactive map that was released today only features the traditional “Middle Earth,” which would indicate that the new series probably won’t follow the events of “The Silmarillion,” which many had hoped for in the past. Those events begin in the First Age of the world, and mostly take place in a land that was destroyed before we met Sam & Frodo in the Third Age. There is also no signs of Númenor on the map, another land that was from an earlier age, home of the Dúnedain, or the ancestors of Aragorn.

While we may not get to see the fall of Gondolin, the destruction of the great lamps, or the blooming of the two trees, there are plenty of other tales we can see in greater detail that took place in Middle Earth as we see it on this map. The “Second Age” is when Sauron rose to power and created the Great Rings and those events do take place on this map. That timeline was briefly shown in the movies and features the moment when Isildur cut the one ring from Sauron’s hand during the great battle. There are plenty of other epic moments that we could see from the Second Age, and hopefully, they will be part of the new series.

As for now, fans can wait for the map to get updated and start setting some bookmarks to follow along with the announcements. You can check out the map right here on Amazon, and even download it if you want to start marking it up on your own.