With an all-star cast, “London Fields” should have made a bigger splash at the box office than it did. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the film’s release was buried behind the news of off-screen complications with the crew, and lawsuits from the producers. The film features Amber Heard, Jim Sturgess, Theo James, Cara Delevingne, and Billy Bob Thornton, but the thriller barely made a dent at the box office before being pulled.

With so many people missing the theatrical showing, FOX is hoping to recapture the market on Digital with a release later this month. “London Fields” will first release on Digital HD on February 12th, followed by a DVD release on March 12th.

You can order the Digital version of the film and have it ready for release day on iTunes and Prime Video. If you would like the retail version, you can find that right here on Amazon.

“London Fields” is based on Martin Amis’ best-selling novel. In the story, clairvoyant Nicola Six (Heard) has a premonition about her impending murder. Yet rather than try to save herself, she engages in the elaborate seduction of three men, one of whom she knows will be her murderer. One, an American author with a fatal illness (Billy Bob Thornton), decides her story will form the basis of his final novel.

The film opened in 613 locations back in October 2018, at a time when “Halloween,” “A Star is Born,” “Venom,” and “Goosebumps 2” were dominating the charts. “London Fields” only made $168K across 613 locations during its debut in the overcrowded box office. The follow-up weekend was another disaster; the film made $2,144 and remained in only 32 locations. “London Fields” was quickly pulled the following week. On the bright side, the poor box office showing means that most of us haven’t seen “London Fields” yet, so you have a new movie to stream as you wait out the remainder of winter.

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