Netflix announced a new multi-year overall deal with James Honeyborne to produce new nature and science series. The new deal will most likely give subscribers some fantastic footage of our furriest and rarest of animal friends and is expected to start production in 2019.

According to Netflix‘s announcement, Honeyborne and partner Renee Godfrey will produce all their productions through their company Freeborne Media Ltd.

Depending on how much you know about the behind-the-scenes crews that have brought you popular nature series over the past few years, the name Honeyborne might sound familar. He is the acclaimed creator and Executive Producer of the award-winning series “Blue Planet II.” His recent BBC work includes the BAFTA-winning “Big Blue Live” and the Emmy-nominated series “Wild New Zealand.” Honeyborne was also the Series Producer of the hit series, “Africa,” and he trained as a biologist before overseeing some 35 films during his time as an Executive Producer at the BBC’s Natural History Unit.

Godfrey trained as an anthropologist before working on the acclaimed series “Tribe” and “Human Planet.” Her recent credits include “Enchanted Kingdom 3D,” “Wild Atlantic” and “Wild New Zealand.”

Freeborne will be based in Bristol, England – the international home of wildlife filmmaking.

Lisa Nishimura, VP of Documentaries and Comedy at Netflix: “James has created some of the most captivating natural history series of our time, with breathtaking sweep and vision. I am thrilled that he will be working with us at Netflix, bringing his unique exploration of the wonders of the natural world to our viewers.”

James Honeyborne commented: “Freeborne is excited to be working with Netflix and for the new creative opportunities that will arise from our partnership. Today, wildlife and wild places are facing unprecedented challenges. There is a pressing need to tell important, surprising and inspiring stories about our world. Working with Netflix means we can create game-changing documentaries that can reach and engage a huge global audience.”