Amazon’s popular waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is on sale today, for one of the lowest prices ever. The model on sale is the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite, which has some of the highest reviews of any Kindle model. The lowest price device currently on promotion offers 8GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi. This model does come with the Amazon advertisements on the lock screen, but those can be turned off at a later time for a small fee. You can also upgrade to 32GB of storage if you feel like keeping a large number of books on the device, so don’t let the 8GB of storage scare you away.

If you were planning on grabbing one for yourself or as an upcoming gift, today is the day to do it. Amazon took $40 off the regular price, lowering the cost to $89, which is Black Friday level savings.

The model’s real claim to fame is the waterproofing, which has been one of the most requested features from Kindle users over the past few years. The model has seen a large number of glowing reviews, including one from our editor Sarah Fox. Perfect for the bath, pool, or beach, this model will keep you reading even when you’re in the splash zone.

Amazon didn’t indicate how long this promotion will last, so if you are interested in grabbing a waterproof e-reader, we wouldn’t suggest waiting on the deal for too long. You can find the entire collection of Kindles that are on sale today on the official promotional page right here on Amazon.

You will also find bundles and upgraded versions of the Paperwhite as well, if you don’t want to grab the standard issue. The price does go up if want expanded internal storage, or if you’re going to bundle the device with covers. The price does go up depending on which model you choose, but they start at just $89 today.