While critics may be telling moviegoers to stay away from “Glass,” the film is still on its way to enter the box office records for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. The thriller currently has a 36% rating from critics on RottenTomatoes, but it also has a 78% rating from audiences. “Glass” isn’t the first film to have such a polarizing effect between critics and fans, but the discrepancy doesn’t seem to be slowing down the film’s ticket sales.

M. Night Shyamalan directed “Glass,” which is the third installment to a franchise that started with “Unbreakable” back in 2000. The second film in the franchise was “Split” in 2016, which introduced James McAvoy’s character. The new installment is trending to make over $41M over the upcoming four-day weekend, which would put it in third place overall on the domestic charts for the holiday.

We are still roughly two-days away from knowing just how well “Glass” did over the MLK break, but the film is already doing well in theaters. “Glass” made over $16M on Friday after pulling in over $3.7M during Thursday previews. The film is projecting to make between $41M and $48M over the weekend, putting it behind the hit “American Sniper,” which had a $107M debut in 2015, and “Ride Along” which made over $48M back in 2014.

Coming in third would still put Shyamalan back on the charts, an amazing accomplishment after a long-string of sleepy box office debuts. “Glass” stars Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, and Anya Taylor-Joy, and other studios decided against dropping any other major releases against the film. “Glass” opened in over 3,841 locations this week, but that doesn’t mean that “Glass” won’t have any competition at the box office. The film still has to battle last week’s favorites, with two returning hits.

STX’s “The Upside ” brought in over $20M last weekend, and should do very well this week as well. “Aquaman” is still swimming in theaters, bringing in over $17M last weekend alone, and Sony’s “A Dog’s Way Home” is returning to theaters this weekend after the film’s $11.2M debut last week.

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