Instagram is making it easier to share content across multiple accounts. With a new update, users can start publishing a photo or post to more than one account at the same time. As of right now, the new sharing feature is only available to iOS users, so Android users will have to wait.

The ability will roll out slowly, so you may not see the new sharing features on your accounts just yet. Users can select the re-gramming feature when sharing a new post or photo. The option will appear at the time when you normally tag other accounts or set your location data. Just select the “Post to Other Accounts” option and you can select which of your authorized accounts you would like to publish with the service.

While most users wouldn’t need this, it is beneficial for businesses. Some brands have multiple accounts in different countries, but could now share images all at one time. The new feature will also make it easier to share promotional material for Public Relations or marketing professionals. If you are running an event for a client you could share an image through the venue’s account, the partners’ account, the PR firm’s account, the client’s account, the sponsors’ account, or whoever else could share the exposure, all with a few clicks.

There are a ton of “regram” apps out there, most of them allow users to take images or videos from one account and post them on their own. In the past, Instagram has looked down on this activity, and the social media platform doesn’t seem interested in pushing that feature natively. It works a little like Twitter’s retweet, but Instagram still prefers that everyone shares their own content.

If you’re lucky, the new feature may already be available to you. If not, you will have to wait. Instagram didn’t give any official word for Android users, so they will just have to wait and see if the features hit the platform.

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