Razer and Amazon Alexa will soon work together thanks to an update within Razer Synapse 3. Users will be able to control all of their RGB goodness and personalized Razer settings with Amazon Alexa, using just your Razer microphone. Razer also announced that the Razer Chroma Connected Devices Program, announced last June at Computex 2018, is now officially live with 15 new partners. The new launch allows over 300 devices to now work with Razer Chroma-enabled games and applications.

With the new update, users can speak through their Razer headsets and mics to control compatible devices. For example, Razer Chroma features in-game lighting synced with Razer mice, keyboards, headsets and other hardware that can be verbally controlled through Alexa.

Alexa integrated with Synapse 3 likewise enables Razer users to control ambient Philips Hue lighting, access tens of thousands of skills and more – hands-free via mic-enabled Razer products.

A few examples include: “Alexa, ask Chroma to change my lighting profile to FPS mode;” “Alexa, sync all of my devices to my team color;” “Alexa, ask Chroma to start Overwatch;” “Alexa, ask Razer Synapse to decrease my DPI to 200;” “Alexa, ask Razer to change Audio settings to Movie mode.”

A unified Razer Chroma lighting experience can be achieved across third-party hardware devices, as well, including PC cases, motherboards, and cooling fans, using the Razer Chroma Connect module.

“This is an amazing look forward for Razer into a future for gamers where the full potential of gaming gear is seamless and intuitively controlled through voice activation, synchronization and connected cloud services,” says Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “Razer Chroma is an incredibly powerful gaming feature, and we’re motivated to work closely with Amazon to build this integration with Alexa, enabling users to change lighting effects, profiles, start games, change settings and more.”

Pete Thompson, VP of the Alexa Voice Service said the following: “We’re thrilled to work with Razer and provide customers a first-of-its kind integration that showcases how Alexa can enhance the gaming experience. With Alexa, users can control compatible Razer peripherals while taking full advantage of other Alexa capabilities, including the ability to manage smart devices, access tens of thousands of skills and more.”

Razer also unveiled the new Razer Blade 15 at CES this week, you can watch the new promotional video for that device below.

Razer Synapse users in Canada and the U.S. who connect their compatible Razer devices to Amazon Alexa will notice a new module allowing them to transmit commands directly to Alexa or through Razer headsets, standalone microphones and laptop mics to change lighting or game settings. Activation in other countries is anticipated by year end.

Razer and Amazon will be jointly working with game developers to enable Alexa in-game functionalities together with the Chroma SDK to make gaming even more immersive.

Razer welcomes Chroma Connected devices from manufacturers AMD, AOC, ASRock, Biostar, Colorful, Cougar, Ducky Channel, EK Waterblocks, Lian Li, MSI, Team Group, Thermaltake, ViewSonic, Wooting, and Zotac.

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