Season 6 will be a bittersweet season for fans of History’s “Vikings,” because the show is coming to an end. Viewers still have the back half of Season 5 to watch at the end of the month, but the new episodes after that will be the final chapter in the long-running series. If you want to set a reminder, the last episodes of Season 5 are scheduled to start airing on January 30th. The Emmy-nominated series first debuted on History back in 2013, and the show has been a consistent performer for the network. “Vikings” stars Gustaf Skarsgard, Travis Fimmel, Alexander Ludwig, and Katheryn Winnick.

The final “Vikings” episodes in 2020 will bring the show to a close. “Vikings” will finish with six seasons and 89 episodes, 11 short of the 100 episodes that most shows strive to get for syndication purposes. That’s mostly an outdated guideline in today’s market, and another network may make an exception for “Vikings.” On the other hand, we have streaming services to keep a show going long after its cancellation, so syndication isn’t exactly the golden ticket that it once was.

Season six will bring 20 new episodes for fans and will be divided into two parts. The first ten episodes will hit the network near the end of 2019, while the big finale will debut sometime in 2020.

The show has been the single greatest series ever for History, so the network may not be ready to say goodbye to the franchise entirely. There are rumors that the show’s creator, Michael Hirst, could shop a spinoff series through MGM Television. The new series would take place in the same universe as the original, but will most likely follow a new cast and a new location or time-period.

History has a new scripted series on the way, “Project Blue Book” is about UFOs and is expected to debut on January 8th.