Netflix surprised subscribers this week with the “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” feature event. The choose-your-own-adventure movie was eagerly devoured by fans over the holiday weekend, but that doesn’t mean that Season 5 isn’t still on the way.

Before “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” aired, we left off with the series with the debut of the fourth season of Netflix’s traditional “Black Mirror” series. The Season 4 episodes premiered on Netflix back in December 2017. Netflix ordered a fifth season of the show back in March, and fans have been patiently waiting for the next chapter ever since.

While there have been reports that “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” was the replacement for Season 5, BuzzFeed TV editor Scott Bryan says that isn’t the case. “Netflix has told me that the fifth season of Black Mirror is still to come in 2019,” Bryan told his followers. “Bandersnatch was not the fifth season, but a standalone interactive film, in case you were wondering.”

Earlier this winter Miley Cyrus confirmed that she is scheduled to appear on the new season as well, which if Bryan is correct, will be Season 5.

Netflix stopped short of announcing a premiere date for the new season, so sci-fi thriller fans will have to wait a few more weeks before they get to mark the date on their calendar.

The “Black Mirror” series has been a consistent hit for Netflix over the years. The first season debuted on Netflix back in 2011, and seasons 1 and 2 only had three episodes each. The popularity of the show had Netflix double the episode order to 6 episodes a season for Season 3 and Season 4. We don’t have an episode count yet for Season 5, but fans of the show should be happy to hear the next season is on the way.

Netflix will most likely announce the new season premiere date in a teaser trailer, so stay tuned to the company’s social media accounts over the next few months.