Now Alexa can buy your Movie Tickets Through Atom Tickets

The December box office is one of the busiest times of the months, which means your local theater will be more crowded than ever. This is the month that pre-ordering your tickets is a must, and Atom Tickets is making it a little easier. If you are one of the millions of people that have an Amazon Alexa in your home, you can now use the device to pre-order movie tickets through Atom Tickets. The social movie ticketing platform introduced an easy way to buy movie tickets, all hands-free, just by using the Atom Tickets skill for Amazon Alexa.

The new skill is also an easy way to find out what new movies are playing at your local cinema. The skill lets users buy tickets quickly while using just their voice, after a rather easy setup process.

Another unique feature of Atom’s skill is its integration with Amazon Pay, which makes it even easier to purchase a movie ticket since your payment method is secured through Amazon. Alexa customers simply use the information already stored in their Amazon account to complete the transaction.

After the purchase is complete, Atom sends the consumer an email with the digital movie tickets, which they can scan from their phone at the theater rather than printing the tickets at home.

“We’re thrilled to be extending our efforts in voice commerce with Amazon Alexa,” said Chris Brucia, Head of Product at Atom Tickets. “Atom Tickets is among the first to integrate Amazon Pay with our skill, which will help skip tedious steps related to account creation and payment method entry. This new experience will make it even easier for consumers buy movie tickets on Alexa-enabled devices.”

“Our goal is to help merchants and brands provide seamless commerce experiences,” said Patrick Gauthier, Vice President, Amazon Pay. “We’re excited to integrate Amazon Pay with the Atom Tickets skill for Alexa, making it quicker and easier for customers to skip the box office lines and buy their movie tickets using their voice.”

To give you a rundown of the process, after saying “Alexa, ask Atom for movie tickets” or “Alexa, ask Atom what’s playing near me,” the skill enables consumers to do the following:

Select Movie Format: Select movie tickets for standard or premium formats like 3D, Dolby, or IMAX movies.

Reserve Seats: The Atom Tickets skill for Amazon Alexa is the only movie ticket skill that lets you buy tickets at theaters with reserved seating.

Use Amazon Pay: Easily check out with your voice using Amazon Pay without reaching for a credit card. It’s simple and secure.

Scan Digital Tickets: Atom sends the tickets directly to email. That email can be scanned at the theater straight from a phone.

It’s also a pretty great time to buy an Amazon Alexa, the company has cut the prices on the entire line for the holidays. You can find more information on Amazon Alexa and the models offered at

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