One of the longest running jokes in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is Detective Jake Peralta’s love of everything “Die Hard”. Now that NBC will be hosting the series on its network, the new promos are giving Paralta a chance to live out his fantasies and to live free, or die hard.

NBC will be promoting “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” pretty strongly over the next few weeks, reminding viewers that the network is the new home for the Nine-Nine. NBC picked up the series after it was canceled at FOX to make room for “Last Man Standing,” which itself was picked up by FOX after it was cancelled at ABC. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will be part of the big NBC Thursday Night Schedule, which includes “Will & Grace” and the current hit “The Good Place”. The show was saved after fans hit social-media in protest of its sudden cancellation and NBC got to play hero.

The new season will be bittersweet, yes the Nine-Nine is coming back but Chelsea Peretti will be leaving the show this season. Peretti’s character will be getting a big two-part farewell in the new season, and the show won’t be killing off her character. We aren’t sure how the Nine-Nine will function without Gina’s support, she’s basically the glue holding the team together.

Getting back to the trailer, it’s filled with classic Die Hard madness. You get giant explosions, witty one-liners, and a helicopter all in under two-minutes. We won’t spoil any of it for you, fans of the series can watch the official Season 6 trailer below.

If you want to set a reminder, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is coming back on January 10th on NBC. Set those DVRs and tell Hulu to save they episode for you.

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