While the Hallmark Channel had a longstanding monopoly on original Holiday programming in the past, networks like Freeform, Lifetime, and AMC have started offering their own versions of Christmas Countdown programming. Freeform offers “25 Days of Christmas” to viewers, which is only outdone in length by the network’s annual “31 Days of Halloween” event in October. It’s still pretty early in the schedule for the network’s holiday offerings, but “Life-Size 2” has already proven to be an overnight hit for the network.

“Life-Size 2” had a fantastic premiere of Freeform this week, the movie is a follow-up to the original 2000 hit that featured Tyra Banks and a young Lindsay Lohan mixing in with a little Disney magic. The new special, “Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve,” hit screens across the country on December 2nd at the 9pm time-slot, and the installment quickly became Sunday’s top program with Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Persons 12-34, and Females 12-34. “Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve” stars Tyra Banks, Francia Raisa, Gavin Stenhouse, Shanica Knowles, Hank Chen and Alison Fernandez.

The movie was the latest release in Freeform’s original features lineup, and the original event was the network’s top movie telecast of 2018 in major demos. That includes Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, and Women 18-49. That’s not the only record that “Life-Size 2” smashed, the film qualified as the network’s top original movie in 5 years with 1.6M Total Viewers during the premiere.

The sequel follows Grace Manning (Francia Raisa) the 20-something CEO of Marathon Toys, a huge toy company started by her mother that is most famous for manufacturing the iconic Eve doll. Grace is also in the middle of her quarter-life crisis, realizing she is in over her head as CEO. To make matters worse, her wild-child ways are causing the company’s stock to plummet. With the help of her young next-door neighbor, Grace’s old Eve doll (Tyra Banks) magically awakens to help get Grace back on track and give her the confidence to be the woman and leader Eve knows Grace can be.

“Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve” was executive produced by Tyra Banks and Stephanie Allain. The film was written by Cameron Fay and Stacey Harman, and directed by Steven K. Tsuchida.

As we stated earlier, “Life-Sized 2” is just one small part of Freeform’s “25 Days of Christmas” programming event. One of the next big releases is “No Sleep ‘Til Christmas,” an unexpected and whimsical holiday romantic-comedy about two insomniac strangers plagued by exhaustion. In that special Lizzie (Odette Annable) is a high-end event planner preparing for her wedding but she lies awake nightly while her devoted fiancé Josh (Charles Michael Davis) rests peacefully. When a sleep-deprived incident causes her to run into Billy (Dave Annable), a low-key bartender who is just as sleepless and frustrated as she is, they discover that they can only fall asleep while next to each other. What seems like an odd coincidence, and frankly a disruption to their lives, might be more meaningful than they’d like to admit. With viewers recently hooked on Tyra Bank’s returning Eve character, there’s a good chance that “No Sleep ‘Till Christmas” can see a big boost when it debuts early next week.

“No Sleep ‘Til Christmas” premieres December 10th on Freeform.

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