The icy grip of the Night King is quickly approaching the world of men, and HBO released an official teaser-trailer to get fans excited for the eighth and final season. The video was released on Thursday night, just as fans are returning from work or school, and before Thursday Night Football takes over TVs.

HBO is calling this the first “official teaser” but the network will probably release a dozen videos like this before the show finally returns in the spring. We don’t mind killing your buzz right now and telling you that the video is only a minute long and doesn’t feature any actual shots from the new episodes. What you do see is an icy-fog slowly freezing over the iconic war-table. Lions, wolves, and dragons are left to either freeze or burn as the two opposing elements clash across the battlefield. The table that you see is the war-table from Dragonstone, and we will have to wait a few more weeks before we see that table again on the small-screen.

While it may seem far off, HBO will bring back “Game of Thrones” in April. The final season will only have six episodes but we expect more will get done in those six episodes than some seasons put together. Now would be a good time to set a reminder to renew that HBO Go account, so you can be ahead of the spoilers on social-media and frantically watch the episodes online with the rest of the country.

Fans of the franchise can watch the teaser-trailer below.

HBO stopped short of announcing an exact premiere date but you can rest assured that one of the videos released between now and then will confirm the date.

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