Ready those loot boxes and prepare the snowball fights, “Overwatch” is bringing back the Winter Wonderland season event this month. The popular themed-event is coming back on Tuesday, December 11th and will run until January 2nd. Blizzard Entertainment made the official announcement on social-media earlier today, though we are still waiting on the skin choices.

A few maps usually get a snowy makeover for the holidays and this year won’t be any different. Players will find holiday items and different lights strewn around the shops and props that are scattered around certain maps. A brief teaser was released by the publisher today, showing “Blizzard World” with some snowy additions. The new event also means new skins, along with the old ones that have been around from the past events.

In 2017 Blizzard released 19 holiday-themed skins for characters, giving us some much needed variations as we push the payload another 100 yards. Fans got to upgrade their style when playing Ana, Sombra, and other players, and of course some are more popular than others. It’s a good time to play if you never got the winter Tracer skin that people like to runaround with, or if you want a Santa Tjorb.

You can also test your mettle in the Yeti Hunter event if Blizzard brings it back. The game pits 5 Mei characters against 1 Yeti Winston in a battle to the frozen death. Speaking of Mei, there’s also the Snowball Offensive that has players trying to take each other out with icy death. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed if a new event is coming out this year, or which holiday favorites will be included, but the Winter Wonderland event is only a few more days away, so you won’t have to wait that long to find out.

You can set a reminder to jump into the wintry goodness on December 11th and you have until January 2nd to get the items you are hoping for.