Ariana Grande is the current Queen of music-videos, the star’s latest release of “Thank U, Next” has crushed YouTube’s all-time record for most views in a 24 hours period, and the instant hit is taking social-media by storm. It’s an instant hit and an actual overnight success story.

The video included throwbacks to almost half a dozen movies from the early 2000s, and fans sent the video to number-one in record time. The music-video released at noon on Friday after being teased by Grande’s social-media account for weeks, and featured reality stars and celebrities in iconic roles from the films.

Between noon on Friday and noon on Saturday, the music-video generated over 50.3M views for the singer, surpassing the previous K-pop group BTS, which had 45.9M views with their video for “Idol”.

YouTube also made a point to confirm that the video had the highest YouTube Premiere Schedule debut, highlighting the feature that YouTube now offers to content creators. The video had 829K viewers watching simultaneously and fans sent over 516k chats while watching.

As of Sunday morning, the video is still the number-one trending video on YouTube. The video features throwbacks to crowd-favorites like “Mean Girls,” “Bring it On,” “Legally Blonde,” and “13 Going on 30”. Kris Jenner is in the video, and was trending on social-media for her cameo in the music-video.

The current list of top viewers in 24 hours now sits at “Thank You, Next” with 50.4M; BTS’ “Idol” with 45.9M, Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” with 43.2M, Eminem’s “Killshot” with 38.1M, Blackpink’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” with 36.2M, Psy’s “Gentleman” with 36M, and BTS’ “Fake Love” with 35.9M.

The video will most likely make a resurgence in popularity once the MTV Music Video Awards come around again. With a record-breaker in the bag, we will most likely see Ariana Grande on-stage once again for the event later next year.