It seems like DC and Warner Bros. Pictures are still hoping to expand the DC Cinematic Universe, with multiple outlets reporting that a ‘Blue Beetle’ movie is now in the works at the studio.

The movie will follow Mexican-American Jaime Reyes, who becomes one of the Blue Beetle characters in the comics. The Reyes character debuted in 2006 and became the latest version of the Blue Beetle after finding the Blue Beetle scarab. The Beetle attached itself to Reyes’ spine in the comics, giving him special armor that protected him from almost anything. Eventually Reyes teamed up Booster Gold for a while, then became part of the Teen Titans crew.

Early reports indicate that Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, the man that wrote the “Scarface” remake, will write the screenplay for the film. Zev Foreman is set to serve as Executive Producer for the project.

While the Blue Beetle isn’t one of the biggest characters DC could have chosen from its roster, he’s one of the oldest. The first character debuted in the comics back in 1939, as a Police Officer named Dan Garrett. The second version was a character named Ted Kord, but while Dan Garrett had superpowers, Kord just took the outfit.

DC’s long list of films have all been financial success stories, though they aren’t quite as popular as the Marvel movies. DC’s “Man of Steel” made $668M worldwide; “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” made $873M; “Wonder Woman” made $822M; and “Justice League” made $657M for the studio.

DC and Warner Bros. Pictures also have “Aquaman” and “Wonder Woman: 1984” in the works, launching on December 21, 2018 and June 5, 2020 respectively.

News of the Blue Beetle was first reported by TheWrap, though details are still slim. It will be interesting to see DC add a more diverse character like the Blue Beetle to the current lineup of mostly white men that share the universe right now, but we don’t have a cast-list or release date to share at this time.