The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, and one of the best purr-scriptions you can get is watching episodes of “Simon’s Cat”. The lovable feline, along with his tiny friends and human, are now streamable for Amazon Prime Members. You can find all of the episode collections right here, and they are completely free to watch.

If you’re a cat owner, you have probably already seen a video or two of the animated series on YouTube or social-media. If you are new to the videos, then you have a lot of quality cat shenanigans ahead of you. The video and book series comes from British animator Simon Tofield, and they serve as an exaggerated retelling of his adventures as a cat owner. The videos center around a character named Simon and his always hungry feline friend. Simon’s cat likes to get into a lot of trouble, though most of it is just because he’s hungry, or he’s trying to avoid his kitten roommate. The videos have helped Simon’s Cat become a bit of a household name and now Simon’s cat can be found on T-shirts, calendars, App Games, stationary, art prints, and more. The videos don’t have dialogue and are often in hand-drawn black & white animation, though a few have been colorized for fans.

The official YouTube channel for Simon’s cat offers educational advice for cat owners as well. If you subscribe you will find collections from the animates videos that Simon and his team have created over the years, along with clip-specials and playlists. You can also find terrific advice from Cat Behaviour Expert Nicky Trevorrow. They are really great videos and they offer a lot of insight on why your adorable cat behaves the way he does.

You can bookmark the Simon’s Cat videos on Amazon Prime Video so they are available when you need a pick-me-up, and you can find the official YouTube Channel for Simon’s Cat right here.

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