Square Enix announced “Shadowbringers” this weekend, the third expansion pack for “Final Fantasy XIV Online,” the popular MMO rocking over 14 million registered players. Scheduled to release in early summer 2019, the next chapter will take players on new adventures to battle against the threats to the realm as they become Warriors of Darkness.

The new expansion made its debut during Fan Festival 2018 in Las Vegas, as Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida presented a new trailer which set the stage for the beginning of this next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV Online epic. If you missed the trailer, you can watch that video below.

The new expansion will bring a lot of new content to players, including a new player race, multiple new jobs, an increased level cap up, sprawling new areas, adjustments to the battle system, as well as a variety of new battle, crafter and gatherer content. In addition to these core features, a number of new systems will be introduced with Shadowbringers.

There will be a new NPC “Trust” System that will allow players to fight alongside familiar NPCs. A new game+ feature will let players “replay” the FINAL FANTASY XIV main scenario stories, and a world visit system will allow players to travel to other servers on the same data center and interact with more players than ever before.

As a surprise announcement, Yoshida also revealed the addition of blue mage to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online at the release of Patch 4.5. Blue mage will be available to all players that own A Realm Reborn, have reached level 50 as a Disciple of War or Magic, and have completed the 2.0 main scenario. Taking inspiration from previous FINAL FANTASY titles, the blue mage job will provide a unique solo gameplay experience in which players will learn monster actions and advance through blue mage-specific content. Blue mage will begin with a level cap of 50, and increase in the future with the addition of new content for the job.

The MMO recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, continuing to usher in new adventurers to the ever-growing game world.

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