ASTRO has a new professional controller for the PS4 called the ASTRO C40 TR Controller. The device serves as the newest addition to the popular Tournament Ready (TR) series, offering a modular and highly customizable design.

The new ASTRO C40 TR Controller is an officially licensed product for PlayStation 4, but also offers compatibility with Windows PCs. It is available for pre-order from ASTRO’s website for $199 and on Amazon. Shipping in early 2019, the new controller is available in the United States and Canada, with more countries to follow.

At $200 thought the controller might be out of the price-range for most consumers. If you own a gaming PC you can at least use the controller for both platforms, but that can also be done with Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Considering that those controllers start at about $35 now for the holidays on Amazon, a $200 controller might be a tough sell.

“Our products have dramatically changed the esports landscape – improving team and player performance along the way,” said Aron Drayer, Vice President of Marketing, ASTRO Gaming. “Our new ASTRO C40 TR Controller is the next natural evolution of our continued commitment to esports, pro gaming and gamers in general. After more than two years of development while incorporating feedback from pro gamers, we’re excited to finally get the C40 TR into the hands of customers. The C40 TR will be a literal game changer.”

Developed for rigorous use by professional and casual gamers in high-stress environments, the new C40 TR offers a lot of customizations. There are replaceable analog sticks and d-pad modules, swappable analog stick and d-pad positions, variable length stick tops, programmable rear buttons, custom software complete with stick and trigger sensitivity control, on-board button remapping, custom profiles and more. You can get a quick preview of the device thanks to a promotional video released by Sony earlier today.

Users can quickly and easily swap the Analog Stick or D-Pad Modules, allowing users to setup the controller in either Offset or Parallel configurations. Basically, you can choose between PS4 or the Xbox style, depending on which one you are more comfortable with. The Replaceable Stick Caps can provide added customization options as well. The device also features a rear button layout, and you can also remap buttons and save your mappings directly on the controller with no PC software required. Creating profiles will allow you to switch through them directly from the controller, allowing you to quickly change the trigger and stick sensitivity, remapped buttons, EQ settings, audio outputs, and mic out and sidetones settings for each title that you want to optimize your gameplay on.

The on-board Mode Switch will let you quickly change between wired and ASTRO’s proprietary 2.4 GHZ wireless mode. The company stated that both modes offer low-latency for pro-level performance. The C40 TR Controller delivers high fidelity game sound and voice chat in Wired and Wireless mode via the 3.5mm jack, and the C40 offers game sound and voice chat in Wireless mode. You can also activate the trigger stops, which adjusts the trigger pull distance, to allow hair trigger performance in most FPS titles if you prefer that method of gameplay.