Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince” made a name for itself last year, quickly becoming one of the most over-the-top cheesiest holiday films to hit the streaming service in some time. The film was still a crowd-favorite though, and the romantic-duo are coming back with a new installment for this year’s holiday season. Grab your royal invitations, we have a wedding to attend.

Not to be outdone by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Christmas Prince and his future bride are getting married in this year’s film “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”. While the growing franchise seems like something that you might find on the Hallmark Channel this time of year, Netflix has turned this generic rom-com story into holiday gold for viewers.

In the new installment, we meet up with Amber a year after she helped Richard secure the crown. The two are set to tie the knot in a royal Christmas wedding – but their plans are jeopardized when Amber finds herself second-guessing whether or not she’s cut out to be queen, and Richard is faced with a political crisis that threatens to tarnish not only the holiday season, but the future of the kingdom. It’s a real holiday pickle for our two love birds, but we have a good feeling that everything is going to work out for the best in the end. Netflix even released a new trailer for the sequel below.

The original starred Rose McIver and Ben Lamb, and they will be returning for the second installment with Alice Krige. “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” was directed by John Schultz, working from a script written by Robin Bernheim and Nate Atkins.

If you want to set a reminder, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” is set to premiere on Netflix on November 30th.

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