Fans have been waiting longer than usual for the next season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” but the wait will be over this April. The network has started up a marketing campaign for the final season, offering a retrospective look at the major players we’ve been watching over the years.

This will be the final season of “Game of Thrones” and it will have six-episodes. The network stopped short of confirming the exact launch day for the first episode but we do know that the final season will premiere in April 2019. To get fans even more excited for the final season, HBO started the #ForTheThrone global marketing campaign. The clips, trailers, videos, and content will be released over the next few months, all leading into the final season.

According to the network, the #ForTheThrone campaign will showcase the extremes the show’s characters have gone through in their quest for the Iron Throne, while encouraging fans to re-watch the series and potential new viewers to watch the series for the first time before the final season begins.

The campaign kicks off today on HBO’s social platforms with a #ForTheThrone retrospective video, featuring the most iconic scenes from the series thus far. The video release will be followed by complementary character posters shared on Game of Thrones social media profiles, that highlight what major characters have done #ForTheThrone. Twitter has also designed a custom emoji to celebrate the final season. Fans can Tweet with #GameofThrones, #GoTS8, #GoT, #ForTheThrone, or #PorElTrono to unlock the emoji and share in the hype.

In addition to an event-level outdoor marketing presence in New York and Los Angeles, Game of Thrones is taking over Grand Central Station beginning on November 27, with over 150 variations of the #ForTheThrone creative and including a limited edition run of 250,000 metrocards.

If you need to re-watch for the series for clues or to catch up on the story before April, you can find the seasons on iTunes and Amazon Video.

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