If you’re looking to speed up and secure the internet browsing and app-traffic on your mobile device, Cloudfare has a new app that you can download. The company released its popular DNS service in app form for iOS and Android devices this morning, which creates a simple one-click way to connect to the company’s free DNS resolver.

DNS is the structure that turns a website server’s IP address into an easy to remember URL. When you type the URL of your favorite website, DNS is how your router knows where to find the information. It’s a great system that works in the background. Without it websites wouldn’t have URLs, they would have something like long telephone numbers we would have to remember. Since this DNS structure creates a log of what sites you visit, ISPs have started selling that information to advertisers and third-party buyers. CloudFlare does not sell this information, thereby making it more private. There’s more to gain than just privacy, DNS resolvers from ISPs are typically slower so CloudFlare could also improve your web-speed.

The app works almost like a VPN and you will notice a VPN badge if you use the iOS version of the new app. This also means that you can not use another VPN service while you have activated. You can quickly turn it on and off though, so if you use a VPN only when traveling, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Using the app should stop your carrier from tracking your browsing history. Cloudflare doesn’t track or sell your DNS logs and there are no ads. The app is simple to use, just turn on the service and follow the on-screen directions and it will stay working in the background until you decide, if ever, to turn it off. You can go a step further and research how to change the DNS settings on your home router as well, you could see the same privacy and speed improvements. Switching the settings on the router is the best bet, as opposed to manually changing the settings on all of the devices on the network, and it’s the best way to get a great DNS service for anything that connects to your home network.

You can find the app for free on the Apple Store or Google Play.