Conan O’Brien is getting into the Podcast game, but don’t worry, he’s not leaving his desk behind. The popular late-night host has been guest starring on Podcasts like “Unpsooled” with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson to promote his own Podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” which is launching later this month.

The group behind Team Coco will debut O’Brien’s first ever podcast on November 19th, the Podcast is getting things started with Will Ferrell as the special guest. In a partnership with Earwolf, Stitcher’s comedy podcast network, O’Brien’s weekly podcast will run for 36 weeks and feature some of the biggest names in entertainment, music, comedy, and literature.

The company described the Podcast in a statement adding, “Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.”

“After 25 years of extensive market research we have learned that people want to hear my voice without seeing my face. So rejoice, America,” added O’Brien.

As we mentioned earlier, Will Ferrell will be the first guest on November 19th, then you will find Kristen Bell on November 26th; Bill Burr on December 3rd; Dax Shepard on December 10th; a dual setup with Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally on December 17th; Wanda Sykes on December 24th; and Marc Maron on December 31st.

All episodes of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend can be found for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Definitely add the Podcast to your list if you are planning on traveling over the holidays. If you’re a movie fan, the “Unspooled” episode that I mentioned earlier dives into the classic film “Duck Soup” and features O’Brien as the special guest. You can find that episode on Apple Podcast and Earworlf.