Cast Iron is the workhorse of the kitchen and you can finally complete your collection, or start one, with today’s Deal of the Day on Amazon. For a limited time you can save 25% on pre-seasoned Cast Iron cookware, thanks to today’s promotion which includes a skillet, a dutch-oven, a wok, and a frying pan.

You can grab the whole set or just get the pieces you need, since each item is 25% off while supplies last. Some of these items are technically a little more than 25% off but we won’t complain about the extra savings on our end.

You can find all four items on the official promotional page right here on Amazon.

The pre-seasoned Cast Iron skillet is a 12″ non-stick option that can be used on the stove, in the oven, or outside when you’re camping. The skillet is usually $23.95 but you can get it today for just $16.88. The big pre-seasoned 2-in-1 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven also comes with a domed skillet lid, so you get something with a little more versatility. The promotion is for the hearty 5-quart size and is also non-stick, the regular price is $41.95 but today it’s going for $29.77. One of the best sellers is the pre-seasoned Cast Iron Wok and this one is the 14″ option that also has the large loop handles and flat base. The wok is usually $36.95 but today it is $26.88. The last item on the list is perfect for any pizza lover out there. The 16″ pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with dual handles is the perfect frying pan to make Deep Dish Pizza, and the large loop handles make it safe and easy to take in and out of the oven, or off the campfire. Regularly $49.99 you can get yours today for $36.88.

As with all Deal of the Day options, this promotion is only going on for one day and only while supplies last.