Square Enix is back with another trailer for “Kingdom Hearts III,” the upcoming installment to the popular franchise is set to launch in January for the PS4 and the Xbox One. The new trailer showcases the world of “Disney’s Tangled,” filled with flowing hair and the story’s popular characters.

The video was first shown at Lucca Comics & Games this past weekend in Italy. The new trailer welcomes viewers to Rapunzel’s magical kingdom of Corona, based on Walt Disney Animation Studio’s popular “Tangled” story. As Rapunzel leaves her mysterious tower for the first time with the help of charming bandit Flynn Rider – Sora, Donald and Goofy join the pair on their adventure to the kingdom, taking on the Heartless along the way.

The new trailer also showcases some of the unique combat players can enjoy in the Tangled-inspired world as the team defeats the Heartless with the help of Rapunzel’s magical golden hair. Fans of the franchise can watch the official trailer below, thanks to a quick upload from the studio.

In the upcoming action RPG, players can join forces with Donald Duck and Goofy for the adventure of a lifetime traveling across worlds based on beloved films like Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc., and Walt Disney Studios’ Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Frozen and more.

“Kingdom Hearts III” is available to pre-order in two editions, the standard and the deluxe edition. You can pre-order either edition right here on Amazon and have the game ready for launch day. If you want to set a reminder, “Kingdom Hearts III” will debut on January 29th.

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