Blizzard surprised fans of “Overwatch” at BlizzCon today with a new McCree animated short and a new hero reveal. The big Blizzcon event is taking place in Anaheim this weekend, where the publisher is celebrating all of its titles with fans of the many franchises.

The new animated short that was released today is called “Reunion,” and it centers around everyone’s favorite high-nooner McCree. In the short story, McCree is battling a group of bandits, with one special leader. The leader of the gang is called Ashe and Blizzard introduced the new hero in the short, along with her abilities. A DPS hero, Ashe has rifle and a very strong robot bodyguard named BOB that helps her in battle. Blizzard stopped short of announcing when the hero would be officially ready for battle, but she will most likely hit the Player Test Region (PTR) for a while before she is released into the actual game.

The developers teased the video adding, “An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates in our latest animated short: Reunion!”. You can watch the official trailer below, for more information on Ashe’s exact abilities, you can now find her on the hero roster on the game’s official website.

Fans of the game also have the big Overwatch League to look forward to this year. This will be Season 2 and the action will begin this February when eight new teams hit the roster to battle for glory. If you haven’t gotten into eSports yet, but enjoy Overwatch, I highly recommend trying to watch some. It gets very good towards the end as the teams start to dwindle down, and this year the partners will be pulling out all of the stops.

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