The fans of the “Just Cause” series are pretty loyal to the franchise, often posting hilarious physics-based clips on social-media years after an installment is released. It makes sense then for Square Enix to offer an Expansion Pass for the game, knowing that most of the players will be downloading all of the DLC they can for “Just Cause 4”. The game is set to launch in December, so you might as well start planning out those amazing tricks and get your Twitch account in order for launch day.

Square Enix released the official ‘Just Cause 4: Expansion Trailer’ on Halloween, giving players a taste of what to expect when the game starts to expand. Each DLC pack brings brand new content to Just Cause 4, and they are called “Dare Devils,” “Demons,” and “Danger”.

The first release will be Dare Devils, which takes racing and destruction to new heights as Rico battles the gangs of the Solís underground in heart stopping death races and rampage rallies. Pack 2 will be Demons and in it Rico faces an ancient demonic force that infests Solís and poses a terrifying threat to its people. The third installment, Danger, has Rico’s former employer mysteriously appear in Solís, bringing advanced technology, secret weapons and specially trained operatives.

You can watch the destruction below. The publisher reminded fans that as part of the Just Cause 4 Gold Edition, the Expansion Pass also offers players 7 days early access to each of the three expansions upon their release.

You can find the Just Cause 4: Gold Edition right here on Amazon, if you rather go with the standard edition you can find that option here on Amazon.

“Just Cause 4” is scheduled to release in just a few weeks, on December 4th 2018 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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