Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Classic is sure to be one of the hot holiday gifts this year and the company has confirmed the full list of titles that come pre-loaded on the device. A throwback to the original Playstation, the tiny console will offer twenty games when it hits store shelves on December 3, 2018. Wile they are hard to find, you can setup an email alert here on Amazon to be notified when more are available to pre-order. Better safe than sorry they say, and if you are shopping for one as a gift to yourself or others, you don’t want to be shopping on eBay at the last minute.

The list of games includes: “Battle Arena Toshinden,” “Cool Boarders 2,” “Destruction Derby,” “Final Fantasy VII,” “Grand Theft Auto,” “Intelligent Qube,” “Jumping Flash,” “Metal Gear Solid,” “Mr Driller,” “Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee,” “Rayman,” “Resident Evil Director’s Cut,” “Revelations: Persona,” “Ridge Racer Type 4,” “Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo,” “Syphon Filter,” “Tekken 3,” “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6,” “Twisted Metal,” and the RPG hit “Wild Arms”.

The PlayStation Classic is much smaller than the original PlayStation model, about 45% smaller according to Sony’s announcement this morning. You can already pre-order the new console at select retailers in the US and CAN, and each unit will also come with an HDMI cable, a USB cable, and two controllers for local multiplayer within compatible titles. The new console will launch on December 3, 2018.

Many players have already resurrected these games on iOS an Android devices, and there are online emulators that will allow you to play almost every older title ever released on any platform. Setting up emulators takes time and often times are illegal, so if you don’t want to mess with settings and downloading suspicious files to your PC or device, you can go with the simple to use Playstation Classic. Nintendo started the retro-gaming mini console craze with the release of the NES Classic Edition and the Super NES Classic Edition Mini, and if you enjoy jumping back into your childhood you can add this Sony model to your collection.