Sony Pictures’ “Venom” is celebrating another milestone at the box office this week, the film recently passed the $500M mark at the worldwide box office, just four-weeks after it was released domestically in theaters. Despite the overwhelming financial success of the film, the project certainly has seen its critics. “Venom” currently sits with a 37% on RottenTomatoes, though it does have an 87% audience score. When compared to “Spider-Man,” that’s the lowest score yet, and we can’t imagine Venom likes loosing out to Spider-Man in any category. The closest score is “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which starred Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx, which has a 52% ratings.

“Venom” hit theaters alongside “A Star is Born” earlier this month, bringing in $80M on its domestic opening weekend. Still in theaters, “Venom” has already made over $187M domestically and over $508M worldwide. “Venom” broke the October box office opening record this year, which was held by “Gravity” when it made $55.7M across 3,575 locations in 2013.

If “Venom” wants to crush his nemesis at the worldwide box office, he still has a long way to go. The original “Spider-Man” made $821M worldwide in 2002, while “Spider-Man 2” and “Spider-Man 3” made $783M and $980M respectively. The previous reboot, which starred Andrew Garfield, also did well in theaters around the world. “The Amazing Spider-Man” made $757M worldwide and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” made $708M worldwide. “Venom” still needs another $472M in theaters to break the franchise record, which might be a little out of Venom’s sticky reach.

After the disappointing results of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” a film that only made $202M domestically during its theatrical run, Sony should be happy to see Venom reach the important milestone. Pushing the critics aside, Sony Pictures will most likely move forward with another Venom project, either another standalone film or with a Spider-Man team-up.

The next big Spider-Man project to hit theaters will be “Spider-Man: Far From Home” with Tom Holland.

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