Your next visit to Taco Bell could net you an exclusive Xbox One X Platinum Edition Bundle. Microsoft and Taco Bell have partnered up this year to stuff a very lucky $5 Box with hefty amount of gifts. The event, which is currently going on right now, allows each of Taco Bell’s $5 Double Chalupa Boxes to unlock a chance for fans to win a custom Xbox One X Platinum Limited Edition Bundle. The kit is only available at Taco Bell and there aren’t a lot of them.

Not only do you get a limited edition console, Xbox has changed its iconic “power on” sound, to Taco Bell’s famous “ring” just to make it a little more special.

“We are excited to partner again with Xbox, but this time on a collaboration that is entirely exclusive to fans of both Xbox and Taco Bell,” said Marisa Thalberg, Global Chief Brand Officer at Taco Bell Corp. “It delights us to delight our fans with unique experiences, and what better way in this case than through the best in ‘boxes.'”

The exclusive, platinum console, which for the first time ever will be delivered to winners in as early as 72 hours, comes packaged with a new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – White Special Edition and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold so fans can enjoy 100 great games out of the box. Fans will have the chance to grab the $5 Double Chalupa Box and text in the code for the chance to score one of the bundles awarded every 10 minutes.

“This holiday’s games are among the most eagerly awaited in history, and they will play best on Xbox One,” said Mike Nichols, chief marketing officer for Gaming at Microsoft. “Partnering with Taco Bell to offer a new custom Xbox One X will give our shared fans the opportunity to experience those games at their highest quality.”

Taco Bell and Xbox first partnered to launch the original Xbox in 2001 and again last fall to debut Xbox One X. If you are hoping for an Xbox One X or S this year, you can still find plenty of non-exclusive bundles on online retailers like here on Amazon.