After months of keeping us in the dark, Netflix has been releasing a series of “Daredevil: Season 3” trailers to get fans excited for the big October debut. The premiere is just a few days away at this point, scheduled for October 19th, and the latest trailer features a hint at the horrible things coming Daredevil’s way in the new episodes.

There’s a new Daredevil in town, played by Wilson Bethel, but he doesn’t quite share the same motives as our hero. The former FBI agent is tired of playing second fiddle to these masked heroes and is taking up the costume to exact his own vengeance. Going by the code-name “Dex,” it’s a safe bet that this is Benjamin Poindexter, an alias used by Daredevil’s nemesis Bullseye. That’s not the only hint given that this will eventually be the terrible Bullseye, but we won’t spoil them all for you. After all, finding them on your own is half the fun.

Of course this isn’t the only thorn in Daredevil side in the upcoming season, there’s also Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin is getting out of jail and is most likely teaming up with DEX to take out this Daredevil menace once and for all. DEX was part of Daredevil’s big reveal panel at NYCC this year, and as you can imagine, the crowd went wild. In the comics Kingpin hires Bullseye to kill Daredevil, and although he doesn’t exactly have superpowers, Bullseye isn’t a pushover. If you saw the ill-fated “Daredevil” film with Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell played Bullseye in that film.

Enough teasing, you can watch the big trailer below.

If you want to set a reminder, “Daredevil” Season 3 arrives on October 19th on Netflix.

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