The annual “Overwatch” Halloween event is almost here and Blizzard has started teasing fans with cryptic social-media posts. This year’s exciting festivities will begin on October 9th and the developers are showcasing the event on social-media with a video and a poem.

Each year the devs pick a handful of Heroes and give them terror-themed skins, and there is usually some pretty great Halloween modes to play in the arcade. The Halloween themed skins are the big collectables during the event, but that’s not the only disguises that Overwatch is offering this year. If you plan on dressing up this year, for work or play, you should know that the publisher has started officially licensing the accessories and costumes to meet demand.

While there have always been third-party Overwatch themed costumes, you can now buy “Disguise Overwatch” Halloween costumes with characters like Tracer, Genji, and Soldier: 76. The accessories include Genji’s popular sword and Soldier 76’s gun. A few of the choices are already available right here on Amazon. We imagine most will be sold out before Halloween.

We will have to wait a little longer to get the official trailer showcasing the new skins for the game but you can see the first teaser promo released on social-media below. “Junkenstein’s Revenge” is still the most popular Halloween event, which took place in the fictional land of Adlersbrunn, and we hope it comes back. The Halloween event will be competing with the launch of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” and the “Monster Hunter World” Autumn Festival on PC, but there should still be plenty of players to compete against this year. You can watch the promo below from the publisher’s Twitter account.

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