Welcome to October, the month that Newegg kicks off its annual Gametober special savings event. There are deep discounts to be found on the latest gaming gear and accessories, perfect for anyone that will be gifting wonderful gaming devices this winter, or looking for an upgrade for this year’s biggest games.

The October launch of Gametober isn’t just great for you, it’s great for the industry. October is the start of the holiday push for video-game publishers and retailers. It’s that special time of year that the big games start to release, and this year that includes “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”. This year is a little special, as new GPUs from NVIDIA have just started hitting the market and PC users will be wanting to upgrade their rigs with the latest and greatest.

“Gaming continues to proliferate as e-sports attract investment from celebrities and venture capitalists, and as AAA titles continue to offer rich playing experiences. This fuels unprecedented interest and sales of gaming-related items, and this October we’re delivering the very best deals to our customers,” said Mitesh Patel, VP Marketing at Newegg.

This year’s Gametober features weekly theme-based promotions catering to particular subsets of the gaming market. Following a week-long kick-off sale (Oct. 1-7) featuring deep discounts across all gaming-related product categories, Gametober’s weekly promotions highlight a wide-array of items.

You can find the following themes on the corresponding days, so bookmark and head back when you can before everything’s gone.

Advance Your Game (Oct. 8-14): great deals on components and storage products
1-Up Your Game (Oct. 15-21): a focus on VR-ready products and accessories
Game Like A Pro (Oct. 22-28): deep discounts on a wide swath of advanced gaming gear seen in e-sports

Gametober will conclude with a final three-day sale (Oct. 29-31) featuring amazing deals on Gametober’s best-selling products. For more information about Newegg’s Gametober initiative, head to the official website on newegg.com/gametober.