CollegeHumor now has its own ad-free subscription service called “Dropout,” offering premium, uncensored comedy spanning all new original shows, digital comics, and chat stories. The subscription service is available today in public beta on web and mobile, and native apps are “coming soon” according to the company’s announcement. The subscription service is the next logical step for the popular site, which has been pushing its videos and sketches onto YouTube and social-media for the past few years. Sony has experimented with its own digital comedy showcase with “Crackle,” and it will be interesting to see if other YouTube hits try to branch out into their own service.

“Dropout” will be a mix of older and newer scripted and unscripted shows, including reboots of hugely popular CollegeHumor series (Jake and Amir, Precious Plum, and Troopers), shows starring current CollegeHumor talent and celebrity guests, two animated series, and a “Mafia-style” game show that pits secret stoners against an innocent public. The service’s new digital comics (Ladies Book Club, Gay Spy, The Continuing Adventures of Kim Jong Un, et al.) and chat stories are also included, expanding upon the narratives found in the shows. There’s also a members-only Discord that lets fans interact with each other and directly with key CollegeHumor talent. The company released a promotional video to get fans of the website excited for the big launch, you can find that video below.

The service will include “Cartoon Hell,” “Dimension 20: Fantasy High,” “Lonely and Horny,” and “See Plum Run”. Also included is the game-show “Um, Actually…,” which is one of my favorites, where three contestants try to find a false fact included in a statement on a pop-culture topic. Several of the episodes are already available on YouTube on the CollegeHumor channel, if you need a laugh I recommend checking a few of them out.

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