AMC Theatres announced that AMC Stubs A-List, which was launched three months ago this week, has hit another subscriber milestone. AMC’s membership signups for the program have reached over 380,000 moviegoers, who are all A-List members now. That’s a 120,000-member increase during the last six weeks.

A-List also is improving the box office for AMC itself, which is set to increase U.S. attendance year over year for the first time since 2015, excluding the positive impact from the Carmike acquisition. According to the company, A-List members have viewed more than 363 different movie titles in just under three months. Early program analysis indicates incremental movie-going frequency among members after joining the program is significant. AMC noted that more than 45% of A-List members were not previously signed up to its AMC Stubs loyalty program.

AMC also recently announced that its 12-month protection guarantee from the date of a member’s enrollment against any increases in A-List monthly pricing has been broadened to further provide consumers with a sustainable value. The 12-month protection guarantee for members of A-List enrolling anytime in 2018 now includes no changes in the pricing or benefits from the program within a member’s initial 12 months after joining the program.

From Adam Aron, AMC CEO and President, “With 380,000 members enrolled in just three months, AMC Stubs A-List is demonstrating that it encourages moviegoers of all ages, locations and backgrounds to come to movie theatres more often, and they’re bringing family and friends along with them. The early success of this program is evident as AMC is projecting an attendance increase at our U.S. theatres for the first time in three years. This is very good for AMC, and very good for our guests and movie studio partners.”

For information about AMC Stubs A-List and to sign up, guests can inquire at their local AMC Theatre, or at AMC’s web site, or on AMC’s iOS and Android smartphone apps after downloading or updating them with the latest app release.