“Mystery Science Theater 3000” has always had a special connection with Thanksgiving, going all the way back to the early Comedy Central days of the late 80s and early 90s. This year will be another special Turkey Day for the group, as the new season is launching on Netflix.

The new season will be Season 12 for the show, or season 2 for the reboot, depending on how you’re viewing things. Netflix will debut six new episodes on November 22nd in the US and Canada. The premiere is also scheduled for the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, so set your reminders and check your international clocks. Netflix stopped short of confirming which movies the trio of hosts will be riffing, but we are excited for the fall debut. The first season earned the show a Saturn Award nomination for Best Presentation on Television, and a nomination for an OFTA Television Award for Best Variety Program.

The series made a fantastic resurgence in 2017 with a new cast and a new villainous team pumping movie experiments in space. Felicia Day took on the role of Kinga Forrester for the revival and Patton Oswald starred in the role of Max (TV’s Son of TV’s Frank). On the experiment side, Jonah Ray took over hosting duties as Jonah Heston, with Baron Vaughn voicing Tom Servo and Hampton Yount voicing Crow T. Robot. Just like the original, the show was created by Joel Hodgson, the first host of the series.

Not only did the original cast stop by from time to time, a wide-array of guest stars made a pit-stop on the moon. Guest stars in the first season included Mark Hamill, Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld, Joel McHale, and Wil Wheaton. We will have to wait until Thanksgiving to see which stars make the journey to Moon 13 this time around.